Top Joint Supplements for Dogs – Give your pooch the best!

Joint PainLet’s explore the top joint supplements for dogs. But first, we’ll talk more specifically about why your dog needs them. It is because dogs, just like humans, will experience joint problems as they age.

There are two major categories of joint problems. These are developmental and degenerative. Developmental problems are issues like hip dysplasia where the joint does not develop correctly.

Arthritis is the term for inflammation of the joints. It is caused by the progressive and permanent deterioration of the cartilage surrounding the joints. This is a degenerative joint problem.

What happens is the joint becomes less smooth and the bones start to rub together. As a result of the friction, new bone forms around the joint and the joint becomes stiffer. Thus, your dog experiences pain and discomfort

Signs of arthritis in your dog

Look for limping, difficulty moving, constant tiredness and irritability. Furthermore, licking, biting and chewing could also be signs. If your dog used to jump up on the couch, run up the stairs or climb into the car without problems and now has difficulty, you know something is wrong. Such as with humans, if movement is more restricted and painful, that is a sign of arthritis.

What studies have been done on dog joint supplementsScience study

Many studies have been done to test specific ingredients used in dog joint supplements. They do work. As a matter of fact, a systematic review of some of the studies published in the Journal of Veterinary Pharmacology and Therapeutics found that most of the popularly used ingredients in these supplements showed some anti-inflammatory and joint repairing value. Also, newer formulas are starting to enhance absorption. All in all, it indicated that dietary supplements should be included in the treatment of arthritis in dogs.

What Ingredients Are in dog hip & joint supplements?

Over the counter dog hip and joint supplements contain several ingredients. However, most of these are inactive and added for taste, color and texture. The majority of supplements contain one or more of the following active ingredients:

  • Glucosamine: This is a natural substance found within the cartilage of humans and dogs. It enhances cartilage repair, reduces inflammation, reduces joint pain and swelling and furthermore improves joint lubrication. As dogs get older, the production of glucosamine slows.
  • Chondroitin: This is made from many kinds of sugar and is an important ingredient of natural cartilage. Tests have shown that chondroitin is the stuff in cartilage that gives the “push-back” to pressure.
  • Antioxidants: These are vitamins and minerals. E & C specifically have been cited to have good effects on dog’s cartilage. Specifically, these antioxidants protect the cartilage against free radicals which destroy the muscle tissue. Vitamin E has been shown to have significant pain relieving effects
  • Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM): This is a chemical found in animals, plants and humans. MSM helps to prevent muscle tissue from deteriorating. Additionally, it has shown the possibility of being an anti-inflammatory medication.
  • Omega-3 fatty acids: These are thought to reduce muscle inflammation and increase collagen production. Omega-3s like DHA and EPA generally come from fish. Furthermore, certain types of fish are said to have a higher quality and volume of Omega-3s

Now, let’s take a look at some of the top joint supplements for dogs

VetOne Tricox TRP Joint Support

5 star rating from 100% of Amazon users

This product prevents autoimmune attacks on joints. Unparalleled softness and palatability. Highly recommended for elderly dogs and those with joint stiffness and discomfort

Here’s what customers are saying:

  • Five stars! Excellent product. Nice improvement in our 80 pound Golden doodle.
  • Now she can get up without looking like she is in pain. She is doing well on this!
  • You have to try this. It’s like a miracle! What an amazing difference this product makes. My boxer used to have problems getting up. Since we started this he has not had one bad day!

Price: $43.00 Buy Here

Pettovita Maximum Strength Joint Support with MSN for Dogs

5 star rating from 97% of Amazon users

Formulated to hydrate connective tissue, lubricate joints, reduce inflammation and improve joint flexibility. Contains glucosamine for cartilage support, chondroitin for damage repair, MSM to strengthen and restore ligaments and tendons, collagen and Omega-3 fatty acids to reduce inflammation.

Also, contains Manganese Sulfate that supports bone development and metabolism as well as reduces inflammations and pain. Also, contains Vitamin E that protects cells against free radicals. This is essential specifically for the circulatory system, liver, bone and muscles. Furthermore, Vitamin E boosts the immune system and promotes a healthy coat. This supplement uses only high-quality ingredients for maximum support of overall joint health. Your dog will look forward to taking these because they taste good enough to be a dog treat! 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Here’s what customers are saying:

  • Satisfied shopper! My dogs love these and think they are a treat. These have helped with my older dogs with their aches and pains.
  • I like this product. It’s helping my dog a lot!
  • This one works best! I have tried many supplements and this seems to be the one that really works! I can see that it is truly healing. My dog is happier and more active.

Price: $28.99 Buy Here

MaxxPet Joint + Hip Care Soft Chews

5 star rating from 96% of Amazon users

These are chewable supplements designed to reduce inflammation. They can help your pooch regain flexibility and mobility. Furthermore, improves your dog’s overall health through its antioxidants and detoxification properties.

The ingredients are organic and therefore, free of chemicals. The main ingredients are tumeric, Glucosamine, MSM and Vitamin C. These supplements look and taste like a treat! Very soft and chewable. 100% money-back guarantee.

Here’s what customers are saying:

  • Very effective. Helped our aging dog a lot. He is much more supple and nimble than before and likes the taste!
  • Huge difference! My dog loves the taste and is actually running around playing again! I can’t believe my eyes!
  • My pooch is loving it! He seems to be walking around smoother than before.

Price $25.95 Buy Here

LIfe Pro Pet Dog Probiotic + Joint Support With Glucosamine and Tumeric

5 star rating from 95% of Amazon users

More quantity than competitors. In contrast, most powder supplements weigh in at 137 grams – this has 247 grams!

Contains tumeric and glucosamine. Also, contains 18 carefully selected probiotic strains to promote healthy digestion. Furthermore, this supplement contains enzymes to strengthen your friends immune system, reduce flatulence and even treat episodes of diarrhea.

Also, very easy to give to your pooch. This is an odorless and tasteless powder that you can mix with food. As an added bonus you also receive a free online training program! This product offers a money-back guarantee.

Here’s what customers are saying:

  • Great product! I am already seeing a difference.
  • This is really helping my two dogs who are over 10 years old! My dog with joint pain is starting to be more active.
  • Our dogs have very sensitive digestion so this has been a blessing!

Price: $23.38 Buy Here

NUPRO SUPPLEMENTS 330045 Joint Support for Pets, 20-Pound

5 star rating from 95% of Amazon users

Dog owners say this supplement has strengthened their dog’s immune system as well as helped arthritis and joint pain. It has also improved their pet’s appetite and digestion while increasing alertness and energy.

Here’s what customers are saying:

  • Amazing! This product saved my dog’s hips and knees!
  • Good price for the amount you get!
  • We have used this product for years. Our dogs are 9, 10 and 12 and have no joint problems.

Price $119.95 Buy Here

In Conclusion

I am a fan of tumeric and its anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, my picks are MaxxPet Joint + Hip Care Soft Chews and Life Pro Pet Dog Probiotic + Joint Support with Glucosamine and Tumeric

A simple web search will reveal a seemingly endless number of top joint supplements for dogs. Our research has revealed the five above to be some of the highest rated.

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14 comments on “Top Joint Supplements for Dogs – Give your pooch the best!

  1. sharon

    I am glad i have come across this post as my dog has just been diagnosed with arthritis and all the information i can find the better as i really hate seeing my dog in pain:(
    When she gets up from sleeping all her bones crack which is not a nice sound what does this mean?
    We have her on previcox at the moment would she be able to have these supplements with these?
    Thanks for the info:)

    1. Christopher Mitchell

      Hi Sharon:

      SInce Previcox is a pharmaceutical, I would ask your vet about taking supplements in conjunction with this. Of course, medical doctors (including veterinarians) are often resistant to natural remedies.

      As far as the cracking sound – that could be her ligament moving. One veterinarian describes it as “the fluid being snapped” kind of like when you crack your knuckles.

      Again, I don’t know if this is what it is for sure but it could be.

      Thank you so much for your comments!

  2. Kai

    Hi! Nice reviews of joint supplements! These 5 products all look great!
    I agree with you that supplement should be included as a part of a treatment plan for arthritis. Most dog foods lack these ingredients that you mentioned.
    Do you (and your dog) prefer chewables, tablets, or powder? Which is better?
    The ‘life pro pet dog probiotic + joint support’ seems really interesting. It the first time I see a probiotics (18 strains, wow!) mixed with glucosamine and turmeric. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Christopher Mitchell

      Hi Kai:

      Thank you for your comments:

      We have always found it easier to use powder supplements just because it is so easy to mix with her food.  I don’t think one is necessarily better than the other in terms of effectiveness. 

      Do you have an older dog?

  3. Linda

    Hi Christopher,
    I appreciate this comprehensive article on joint supplements for dogs. I have a 10-year old Sheltie who’s recently started to show signs of stiffness. I prefer to try natural supplements first because they seem to have fewer side effects than many medications. The MaaxPet Joint + Hip Care Soft Chews sound very promising. Can you give me an idea on how long they may take to provide relief? Thanks for your help!

    1. Christopher Mitchell

      Thank you Linda:

      The length of time it takes for relief is mostly based on anecdotal, not scientific evidence. However, a majority of dog owners claimed they have seen reduced symptoms within 8 weeks when giving their dog daily glucosamine supplements.

  4. Matt's Mom

    I do have a dog that will probably have joint issues…it comes with the breed. To top it off he is a little overweight. I feed him “diet” dog food, but he somehow still seems to not loose any weight. Anyway, he does not have any symptoms yet. I was curious, if I start giving him a supplement now, will this help alleviate him from having joint problems?

    1. Christopher Mitchell

      Yes. Good joint supplements contain Glucosamine. It aids in the growth and repair of the cartilage. If he is overweight, this leads to stress in his joints which can lead to arthritis. Start giving him supplements to help prevent this from happening.

  5. terri dixon

    Very informative site , I have written down your recipe for the chicken dinner , plan on making it soon as chicken is my dogs all time favorite meal . Want to try this because of the spinach, as my dog is always looking for his greens in the leaves outside. Very cute dog on your site in the kitchen at the oven . Thanks for sharing made my day !!!

    1. Christopher Mitchell

      Thank you Terri.

      My brother feeds their dogs only home-prepared meals which inspired me to include the recipes.

      What kind of dog do you have?

  6. Lynn M

    I really enjoyed reading this. I have a ten year old pit mix who sleeps a lot now and on some days he limps a little. I was just beginning to think about something to help him feel better.
    I love that you have listed at least three good choices to choose from.
    I already knew from a previous dog that a lot of the meds vets give to animals are the same ones Dr..s give to us when we are I’ll.
    It makes sense that the supplements that we take will also work for our pets.

  7. Shannah

    I’ve known a few dogs in my life with joint problems, particularly arthritis. It’s nice to see some good products out there to help. Are these the same types of supplements given to humans with joint problems? I would think they must be similar, since the issue is cartilage, and cartilage is basically the same across species. I’m also wondering, does a dog’s weight have anything to do with the development of these problems?

    1. Christopher Mitchell

      Hi Shannah:

      Thanks for your comments!

      There seems to be disagreements within the medical community as to the effectiveness of these in humans. However, the Arthritis Foundation reports to have seen improvement in some patients. To me, it makes sense that if they work for dogs, they should work for humans.

      Yes, there is a relationship between weight and joint damage in dogs.


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