5 High Quality Dog Houses – Only the best for your pampered pooch!

dog mansion with dog in poolIf you’re like many dog owners, your pooch stays in your house most of the time. After all, you want to be with her as much as possible and she feels the same about you. But, sometimes, she needs to get away and chill in her own pad. So, let’s talk about 5 high quality dog houses to consider.

But first, let’s take a look at  a few outrageous dog homes. Afterwards, I will review 5 that are available right now on Amazon.

The Paris Hilton Dog Mansion

OK, let’s start out with some way out there stuff. And nothing says space launch better than the dog mansion American Socialite Paris Hilton bought for her six dogs. As you know, Paris is the queen of pooch pampering and the proof is in the $325,000 she laid out for these extravagant Elaborate yMediterranean Style dog housedoggie digs. Yes, you read that correctly – $325,000!  Paris and her canine crew live in Los Angeles but in many places in the United States that sum will buy you a pretty nice human house!

The Glam Limestone Dog House

While not nearly as pricey as the PH Puppy Pad, this one is still quite the looker. For a mereLimestone dog Mansion$30,000 your dog will have a crib fit-for-a-king. The interior features marble floors, custom beds, lighting and a crystal chandelier. The air conditioning and heating unit is controlled right from your tablet to keep your cuddly canines comfortable in all kinds of weather. And, the exterior limestone tiles gives this mansion an elegant look any dog would be proud to call home.

Victorian Dog Mansion with white picket fence and three dogsVictorian-style Doggie Mansion

$20,000 for this one. It’s home to three fabulous dogs, Chelsea, Darla and Coco Puff. It’s fashioned after the pet parent’s own Victorian Home and is large enough for a human to enter.Arrow

Nice photobomb!


Jwoww’s dog house

If you’re a fan of reality TV, then you might be familiar with Jersey Shore or Snooki & Jwoww (Not that I’d ever indulge in such mindless entertainment!)Two little dogs in front of elaborate pink dog house

Anyway, Jwoww (AKA Jenni Farley) went to the Rockstar Puppy Boutique and shelled out $12,000 for her pups Bella and Noel. And what lucky dogs they are! This adorable abode features pink and yellow accents that capture the style of their reality show human parent. Also, included are upholstered beds and hot pink faux fur throws for the ultimate in doggie style and comfort. If that wasn’t enough, it’s all topped off with a heart- shaped stained-glass window and interior lighting.


Palatial Dog house

The Palace

At a mere $5,400 your best friend will feel like royalty in this Puppy Palace. Modeled after the famed Notre Dame in Paris, this canine casa features custom detailed embroidery and fabric for comfy snuggling.

But what about your dog?

So, let’s return to earth and talk about dog houses that mere mortals can afford. These are still pretty nice and they won’t break the bank!

ASL Solutions Deluxe Insulated Dog Palace with Floor Heater

Amazon rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars

  • 31.5″ Wide X 47.5″ Long X 38.5″ Tall
  • Durable polystyrene exterior
  • EPS foam insulation
  • Self closing door with viewing window
  • Lifetime warranty against cracking and breaking

Here’s what customers are saying:

  • Exceeded Expectations. I bought the large version for two medium size dogs and there is plenty of space inside for both. It is well-designed and very sturdy. The dogs love this house!
  • Great fir BIG dogs. Very sturdy and definitely worth the money.
  • This is the best dog house ever. It is fully insulated from heat and cold. Also, water tight. Our dog loves it year around from summer to cold winter nights.

Price: $257.97 Buy Here

Petsfit Wooden Dog House

Amazon rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

  • Interior is 41.3″ Long X 25.8″ Wide X 30″ Tall
  • Reinforced floor
  • For dogs up to 80 lbs
  • Removable floor and hinged roof for easy cleaning
  • Slanted roof and groove design for good drainage
  • Easy to assemble

Here’s what customers are saying:

  • Roomy and easy to assemble. Feels very sturdy.
  • Love this dog house. The roofing shingle top is not only classy but functional. Our dog took to it immediately. The dyed wood is tasteful and the white trim is very classy. It was a breeze to put together and is strong enough to handle our big, silly, loving dog.
  • Stop reading reviews and buy this already! This dog house is awesome! It came quickly with all the hardware and went together in an hour. So pretty and such a great price. The adjustable feet are a great help in leveling too.

Price: $179.99 Buy Here

Tangkula Waterproof Wooden Dog House

Amazon rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

  • 30″ Tall X 28″ Wide X 30″ Long
  • Simple and beautiful
  • Perfect for medium & big dogs
  • Asphalt rain roof
  • Prevents snow and rain from entering
  • Four legs on the bottom to raise house away from moisture
  • High quality fir
  • Heavy duty construction
  • Pet-friendly paint
  • Easy to assemble

Here’s what customers are saying:

  • Great little wooden dog house at a great price. It has a slat wooden floor that allows for drainage. No leaking in the roof or walls. Quite a nice looking house. It has raised feet which I think is a nice design touch. We are very happy with it and our dog seems to enjoy hanging out in it.
  • Good dog house, excellent customer service. This doghouse looks nice and the design is good.
  • Instructions were good and all screws and lots well organized and marked. I assembled it myself in less than an hour. It’s well-made and looks just like the picture. My two Corgis have already been in it and they like it.

Price: $119.99 Buy Here

Suncast Dog House

Amazon rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars

  • 27″ Wide X 35″ Deep X 29.5″ Tall
  • Attractive
  • Safe
  • Easy to assemble
  • Durable resin construction
  • For dogs up to 70 lbs

Here’s what customers are saying:

  • Five stars. Excellent design and very easy to set up. My seven year old daughter and I put it together in three to five minutes! The easiest thing I have ever put together.
  • Good dog house at a great price. This is an excellent dog house. Nothing else I saw came close in attractiveness, size or simplicity. The plastic is strong and sturdy. Our three and half year old German Shepherd Lab mix enjoys going inside with his toys.
  • Excellent choice! Looks nice and it’s easy to assemble. Very satisfied with this purchase and my dog loves it!

Price: $67 Buy Here

Pet Squeak Arf Frame Dog House, X-Small

Amazon Rating: 4.4 out of 5 stars

  • 22.25″ Wide X 22″ Deep X 22.75″ Tall
  • Also comes in larger sizes
  • Solid wood – constructed of white cedar
  • For small dogs
  • Easy assembly
  • Naturally weather-resistant, non-toxic
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Raised floor

Here’s what customers are saying:

  • Love, love, love!!! Extremely easy to put together. I also enjoyed the smell of the wood. You can adjust the bottom screws to make it level on uneven surfaces. No leaks either.
  • It’s a great house. Assembled in less than 30minutes.
  • 5 stars! Great quality and easy to put together. I like the legs because I don’t have to worry about water flowing in.

Price: $59.99 Buy Here


If you can afford the dog houses of the stars – go for it! You’ll be a proud dog parent and your pooch will love you for it. However, if your budget’s a bit tighter than Paris Hilton’s, take a look at these 5 high quality dog houses currently available on Amazon.

We love comments so be sure to leave yours. If you have purchased any of these houses or others, tell us about it below.


4 comments on “5 High Quality Dog Houses – Only the best for your pampered pooch!

  1. Rae Anne Pond

    Oh….My….Gosh!!!!! I love my four dogs, but I can think of better ways to spend my money on them to show I love them. Wow. Paris always did overdo it. Don’t get me wrong, I love the houses you displayed, they are full of imagination and comfort, but heck! I can’t even afford that for myself!!! LOL!! I love your cover heading, it looks like an air plain. How did you do that? That was very creative. Overall, I’d give this site an A+!

    1. Christopher Mitchell

      Hi Rae Anne:

      Thank you for your comments and for liking my website!

      Yes, I think most dogs don’t care if they have a $30,000 house or a $30 house.

      I created the heading in a program called Microsoft Paint.


  2. Jeffrey Meadows

    Great website. I had no idea there were dog houses available like that. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised because some of the stuff I see on TV.
    I love how your different houses are at the bottom where most people will end up reading the article.
    This is a good site where you can compare houses to find the right one.


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