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Let’s get into a bit more detail and see what people and their dogs actually say about the cold weather coats and rain jackets we’ve covered (See dog raincoats and cold weather coats). So, here are dog coat reviews that will help you make the best choice for your best friend!

Cold Weather Coats

Django Puffer Dog Jacket

Amazon reviews:

  • This jacket is the best quality dog jacket I’ve ever seen! My Dachshund would shiver every time she went out and now she has no problem! She hated the rain, but the jacket is water resistant and keeps her dry and is well insulated. As a matter of fact, when I take the jacket off, I can feel the warmth on her fur. Inside is soft flannel. And, it’s really great because it also accommodates her length.
  • 5 out of 5 stars. Very high quality jacket! I purchased this jacket for my 21 lb. Dachshund in a size ‘large’ which fits perfectly from his neck to his tail and around his chest. It’s easy to put on because of the Velcro closure on the bottom. Excellent quality jacket.
  • 5 stars – Happy canine! I am VERY pleased with this jacket! My dog looks amazing in it and the fit is just perfect. You can see the quality from the fleece inside to the waterproof exterior. My dog is large chested and a medium is a good fit with even some breathing room. 

My personal opinion:

  • Your dog is going to look adorable in the Django Puffer Dog Jacket (I’m sure you and your dog will agree this is important!) By just looking at the flannel lining you’ll know how comfortable this jacket is. Heck, if I were smaller or the jackets were large enough to fit humans, I would wear one myself! Additionally, it is a snap to put on and take off. Just place the jacket on her little back and slip her front arms through the oversize arm holes and voila! She’s ready-to-go!

Price: $48 Buy Here


The Gobby Padded Cold Weather Vest

Amazon reviews:

  • Exceptional vest, function and value! Wonderful fit. It’s very warm, comfy, lightweight yet relatively thick. The leash attachment is very sturdy. The zipper is also sturdy, well secured and protects against skin/fur pinch. My boy is 22 lbs, very proportionate, and is between a Miniature Pinscher and a German Pinscher, with a barrel chest. This vest fits him very well.
  • Very well-made. My dog loves it and so do I. The vest just fits him, almost perfectly. Willie loves his vest, he gets all excited when I’m about to put it on him. With the winter we’re having, I’m sure he appreciates it. Also, the vest looks well-made. I was hesitant about paying almost $30 for it, but it seems to be worth it. review

  • Owners love the look of this jacket, and are mostly pleased with its design and quality. Furthermore, most agree that this dog jacket is easy to put on/take off, and are happy with how well it keeps their dogs warm without being overly bulky.

Price: $19.95 Buy Here

Hurrta Extreme Warmer

Amazon reviews:

  • Best dog coat on the market!!! I highly recommend this coat. Look beyond the high price to the quality and warmth. I would give this warmer 10 stars if I could. It  is by far the absolute best coat I have ever owned or encountered. I have a Vizsla, who needs exercise daily, so he requires a coat in cold weather. I’m in Canada where we get very cold days, and lots of snow. This coat exceeds every expectation for warmth, comfort, ease of use and quality. My boy loves this coat and he can run, jump, twist and turn with no problem. In addition, my purchase was flawless, shipping was fast and this product exceeded all my expectations. Thank you Hurtta for an awesome product.
  • Warm Puppy!!! Best jacket in the market. If you love your dog, this is the item to buy. review:

  • This is unquestionably the very best winter coat I have ever purchased for my Lhasa Apso. It’s quality constructed and has a layer of protection from the elements. I couldn’t be more pleased in the investment  because my precious little girl deserves and receives nothing but the very best.  I can highly recommend this item!

My personal opinion:

  • Gotta love this one because It makes me warm just looking at it! Provides warmth but still allows your pooch the flexibility to run around like crazy. Furthermore, that plastic buckle that goes around the body will make her snug-as-a-bug-in-a-rug. And when that hood is up on your dog’s head, nothing could be cuter! There are some really pretty colors too.

Price: $98 Buy Here

Kakadu Pet Explorer Double Fleece

Amazon reviews:

  • My lab loves it now that winter is here! Winters are getting tougher for my older lab so I decided to invest in a fleece jacket for him. First, I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality. It has a thick high quality fleece with easy on/off Velcro strips. He wasn’t thrilled to wear it at first but now that the weather is colder he patiently waits for me to put it on. I appreciate the placement of the Velcro strips making it a quick step before heading outdoors. I noticed it was easy to shake off the snow and it air-dried very quickly. Thus, I definitely recommend it and would consider buying one again. 
  • Awesome product! We currently live in a country where winter is pretty harsh. I  ordered the medium which was still too big for my 4 month old lab. The small one fits perfectly and he still has to grow until I can put on the medium. Very warm and seems comfortable since he fell asleep in it.

Price: $13.99 Buy Here

Ultra Paws Comfort Coat

Amazon reviews:

  • Love it! We really liked this coat on our dog and he seemed to stay warm!  You can also tighten the neck area so the heat stays in. Would recommend!
  • Five stars! Fits great, nice closed up collar, reflective at night. I bought 3. Easy to put on and off.

My personal opinion:

  • Another super-easy coat to put on and take off. Lots of sizes – 8 in all make this a superb coat for dogs great and small!

Price: $34.95 Buy Here

Rain Coats

Django City Slicker

Amazon reviews:

  • My Dachsie (and I) highly recommend! There are many dog coats but few that fit a dachshunds small neck, broad chest, and long back. This coat fits perfectly and looks well-made. I got a small and it covers him perfectly. He doesn’t seem to mind wearing it and it is so cute! I plan to also buy the puffer when in stock. I highly recommend Django!
  • Great jacket for Dachshunds! This jacket is perfect! It completely covers my Dachshund’s back and has enough coverage so his stomach doesn’t get too wet. Well made and easy to put on. I had questions and contacted DJANGO and received a quick and extremely helpful response. So, an A+ in customer service! I’d buy other products from them in a heartbeat! review

  • Dachshund owners ADORE this jacket, and say that it’s one of the few coats that fits a their small neck, broad chest and long back. It’s definitely a great choice for Dachshunds or similar long breeds.

Price: $45.95 Buy Here

Hurrta Torrent Coat

Amazon reviews:

  • I am giving this coat ten stars! This raincoat is not cheap. But it’s worth at least twice its price. The materials used are clearly top-notch and the workmanship is superfine. I salute the designers at Hurtta. This raincoat fits the bill p-e-r-r-r-r-f-e-c-t-l-y. The material used to cover the dog’s body consists of three layers that make it waterproof and yet breathable. The edges of the chest panel/cover impress me as they are softly elasticised.  Because of this, our dog feels no discomfort in the parts of the chest and belly that come in contact with the edges. Even during intense activity, our dog’s chest and belly stay covered. I especially love the fact that her hindquarters are as well covered as her upper front legs. You will like the great visibility this coat affords. Do I need to say that I strongly recommend this raincoat?
  • Superior coat for rainy and windy days and well worth the expense! This particular coat is the best coat for rainy, cool, and windy days. Hurtta coats are well designed and well made – superior in function and appearance to all other coats we have encountered. The opening in the back gives access to Scout’s harness when on her leash. The bright color and reflective features make it easier to see her in the woods and fields. Her chest area and shoulders are protected, with good coverage on her hips and back legs. 

Cross Products Review:

  • The Hurtta Torrent Coat provides excellent body coverage without a lot of bulkiness. Our dogs stayed at a comfortable temperature likely due to the Houndtex fabric and mesh liner. These do a  great job of “breathing” rather than trapping air and thus give body warmth under the coat. Even when fully wet this material dries quickly. This rain jacket is definitely designed for an active dog and Hurtta has thought of most every detail that a dog owner could ask for. 

My personal opinion:

  • Beautiful fit so your dog will be snug and protected from the rain. Additionally, The adjustable cord around the neck is real nice for extra protection.

Price: $63 Buy Here

Ruffwear Aria

Amazon review:

  • Worth the money! Ruffwear builds bomb-proof dog stuff. The Aria dog rain coat is excellent. It’s tough and durable. I am pleased with the Aria and would recommend with no hesitation.

Sierra Trading post review:

  • Excellent! Very well made and worth every penny. The jacket is really well made and fits beautifully. Good coverage of the dog’s underside and chest. Highly recommended. 

Price: $55.96 Buy Here

Safety Pup XD Rain Vest

Amazon review:

  • Just what I was looking for! The material is much better than I expected as well as thicker than the $40 coats that are offered at my local pet supply. I really like the reflective material for nighttime walks. Additionally, there is plenty of room for a harness that hooks in the front.  And to top it all off it was less than $25! 
  • This is a very nice water-proof jacket for dogs! I like the Velcro Straps that make the jacket fit securely and also make it simple to put on and take off. review:

  • Works great! Someone pulled into their driveway and asked me if this was lighted. I said no, it’s reflective. Great for walking after dark.

My personal opinion:

  • If visibility during those evening walks is what you’re looking for – get this item. Your doggie will light up like a Christmas tree!

Price: $15.95 Buy Here

Weatherbeeta 300D

Amazon review:

  • Love this coat!  This is a heavy duty parka and great for cold temps and snow – the chest is covered as well as the neck.  There are two adjustable straps on both sides for custom fit. We live in northern New Jersey and it will be perfect.
  • Excellent dog coat! I love these dog coats. They are well made, easy to put on and take off. The chest and tummy coverage keep my dogs dry! I mean, really dry!!  No more wet belly or chest/neck. The adjustable Velcro strap is very strong. I highly recommend this product! review:

  • Happy dog! I bought this for our Rhodesian Ridgeback who is sensitive to the cold but doesn’t like to be encumbered. This parka is perfect for him. It fits well and is a good weight. The Bright Orange is a bonus. 

My personal opinion:

  • A very handsome piece of dog clothing!

Price: $42.67 Buy Here

Happy Shopping!

I hope you have enjoyed these dog coat reviews. Have a great time shopping for your friend. We love comments so be sure to leave your experiences in the comment section below!


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