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I have always loved dogs and all animals. My first pet was a little black dachshund named “Charcoal” for whom I have many fond memories. My family had several more pets as I grew up, not to mention the stray animals I would find and bring home (mom wouldn’t always let me keep them). As I grew older I continued to have an acute awareness of dogs and all animals and felt the need to advocate for them and protect them.

Here is something that I feel very strongly. When you have a dog or any pet, it is a great responsibility. That is to say, you take care of them no matter the situation – just like you would  a child. But, the time, effort and money spent is well worth it.

I have had several dogs (and many other animals) throughout my life and have loved each one very deeply. Of course, with great love comes great sorrow. That is to say, there is nothing harder than saying goodbye to your dog in that final moment of life. My guess is that most of you who are reading this have had that experience.

For the past few years I have had a position as “Concierge” at a Seattle residential building. Part of the enjoyment of working there is my interaction with the many resident dogs. There is nothing I enjoy more than giving them treats as their owners bring them to the front desk. As a matter of fact, most of them know me as “that guy with the treats” and they become very excited when they see me!

 What I would like to do for you

You are here because you love dogs and want to know everything about caring for your best friend. Thus, I would like to become your go-to source for all things related to that care. You will see continual updates to this website so stay tuned for lots of good stuff!

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