Welcome to Poocharama! All dog all the time!

many dogsWelcome to Poocharama! You’re probably here because you love dogs and have one or two yourself!

As you know, dogs are incredible animals and your best friend! As a dog owner, you will probably want to know as much as possible about caring for them.

My goal is to give you a very comprehensive and entertaining website where you can find answers to just about any question you have concerning your dog. Do you have questions about nutrition? How about clothing? Looking for a new leash or harness? 

Furthermore, I will discuss all kinds of other dog related topics. These might include dog breeds, health issues, training and more.

Many dogs have behavioral issues so I will have a lot of information in this area. Included are separation anxiety, aggression, dog dementia and more.

In addition, I will continue to add reviews of various dog products. There will also be many opportunities to purchase these for your pet as you will find many links to online stores.

A few statistics

Here are some interesting statistics on the numbers of pet dogs by country:

  • US: 78.2 million
  • Brazil: 30 million
  • China: 26.8 million
  • UK: 6.7 million

Norwegians spend the most money feeding their dogs. Brazil has the highest number of small dogs per capita and Saudi Arabia the highest number of large dogs per capita.

We who are dog owners know that every bit of time, effort and money spent on these wonderful animals is truly worth it. After all, they give so much in return!

There is an endless amount of information to know about your best friend so this site will continue to grow.

Your input will be an especially valuable part of this growth. I would like to hear from you with any stories about your experiences with dogs. Also, All comments are welcome!

Thank you!


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